channel U “Ape-Man Talking”

channel U: Ape-Man Talking

Released 7/30/2005

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Yusuke Yamamoto’s solo project [channel U] features an enticingly eclectic attitude by merging an adept sense of electronica, dub and jazz with the primal sounds of Africa, Brazil and Asia. Tracks on its newly released first album, “APE-MAN TALKING”, exhibit a full range of emotionally engaging music with the use of everything from slick vibes, hypnotic flutes, pacifying melodicas and synths, mesmerizing vocals to world beats, exotic melodies, acoustic instruments and minimal programming. Remixed versions of original [channel U] tracks by Chimp Beams and DUB Nomads, as well as guest musicians, offer additional facets to the already colorful palette. In the end, all elements weave into a rich piece of work that one might call, “the sound of one world”.

Produced by Yusuke Yamamoto

Mixed & mastered by Hiroyuki Sanada at SilverTrashCanStudio

All songs recorded by Yusuke Yamamoto
Sept. 2000 – Feb. 2005
Additional recordings by
Marihito Ayabe (tr. 7, 8, 9, 10),
Jeremy Wilms (tr. 7, 8, 10)
Vocals by Sabina Sciubba
recorded Dec. 2003

All songs written by Yusuke Yamamoto,
except tr. 4, 5 by Yusuke Yamamoto
& Sabina Scuibba

All songs published by
Mt. Books Music (BMI), except
tr. 4, 5 by Mt. Books Music (BMI)
& Sciubbiz Music (BMI),
tr. 7, 8, 9, 10 by Mt. Books Music (BMI)
& Concent Publishing (BMI)

Cover & interior drawings by Takashi Usui
Graphic design by Marie Hiraga

A&R: Marihito Ayabe (Concent Productions)

Special thanks to: Hiroyuki, Marihito,
Marie, Sabina, Matt, K-go, Takuya,
Jeremy, Yoshio, Yoshi, Torbitt, Mr. Usui,
Caitlin Broderick, Kenneth Higney,
Star & Rainbow Studio, Nin & Non,
my family & friends for love & support

C 2005 Concent Productions, Inc. 218 Bedford Ave 1-L, Brooklyn, NY 11211
P 2005 Yusuke Yamamoto/Mt. Books Records. Made in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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