Split 7″ Series “Chimp Beams VS Axumite Shelter” CPSV-008

Split 7″ Series “Chimp Beams VS Axumite Shelter”
Catalog#: CPSV-008
Release: 7/11/2012

A Side: Chimp Beams – DUB Addiction
B Side: Axumite Shelter – Akbar

Order from Concent Productions Online


A Side DUB Addiction – 4:31
Chimp Beams are Marihito “MARI” Ayabe, K-Go Mizutani & Yusuke Yamamoto
All songs composed, produced & performed by Chimp Beams
Executive Producer: Marihito “MARI” Ayabe
Mixed & Mastered by Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)
Concent Publishing (BMI), Go Water Music (BMI) & Mt. Books Music (BMI)

B Side Akbar – 4:38
Written, Perform, Produced & Mixed by Axumite Shelter (Josh Werner & Elton Lawson)
Mastered by Hideyuki Waki

From the post industrial ashes of early 90’s Milwaukee, Axumite Shelter began creating underground experimental dub and electronic music, fusing live instruments and elektroniks into punishing urban rhythms to form Spiritual landscapes for the enlightened community. Producer bassist Josh Werner has collaborated with such visionaries as Bill Laswell, the RZA, and lee scratch Perry. Elton Lawson has been a Constant force for the development of electronic music in Milwaukee, collaborating with artists from Nudge, Pulse Programming, And the peacemakers.


Jacket Design by Namiko Ishikawa (ConcentNY)

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