Takuya Kuroda “Nocturnal Leaf” CPV-1300

Takuya Kuroda “Nocturnal Leaf”
Catalog#: CPV-1300
Release: 12/15/2012

A Side: Nocturnal Leaf
B Side: Red Jungle

Available at Concent Productions Online


All songs written, produced, performed by
Takuya Kuroda & Marihito Ayabe

Takuya Kuroda: trumpet, rhodes & keys
Marihito Ayabe: MPC 60, keys & samples
ChacaPoco: percussions on Red Jungle

mixed & mastered by Hideyuki Waki (ConcentNY)
designed & artworks by Namiko Ishikawa (ConcentNY)

Takuya Kuroda (BMI) Marihito Ayabe (BMI)

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