Chimp Beams LOOSE SKY CPCD0800

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Chimp Beams LOOSE SKY
Catalog#: CPCD0800

Release: 11/20/2013

CD & Digital Available @ concentny
Japanese Special Edition w/ Liner Notes @ amazon jp

Track List:

  1. Mooniris Inst.
  2. Sugar Salt & DUB
  3. DUB Addiction
  4. City City
  5. DUB from Mars
  6. Echoman
  7. White Sage DUB
  8. Behind the moon
  9. Blackout DUB
  10. Trip to Oasis
  11. Journey to BK feat. Takuya Kuroda
  12. Journey to BK Mapped by AREA
  13. Journey to BK Intrusion Remix


Additional Musicians: 
Takuya Kuroda: Trumpet on Journey to BK 
Namiko Ishikawa: Voice on Sugar Salt & DUB 

Remixed by Area & Intrusion 

Mixed & Mastered by Hideyuki Waki 

Designed & Photos by Namiko Ishikawa 
Art by Christian Hooker a.k.a hooker 

Manufactured & Distributed Worldwide by

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