Brooklyn Chimp / that Little Chimps

that little chimp

Brooklyn Chimp (aka Chimp Beams) and that Little Chimps (Marihito ‘MARI’ Ayabe, Hideyuki Waki, and others) are remix production units from Concent Productions, Inc.


Recent work:

Electric Cowbell Records link
Electric Cowbell 101 Things To Do In Mongolia CSC FUNK BAND A Troll's Soirée
CSC FUNK BAND “A Troll’s Soirée Troll” Brooklyn Chimp Remix
1st version – Side-B of 7″ vinyl from Fat Beats Records
2nd version – Electric Cowbell Records first compilation “101 Things To Do In Bongolia”
BIO RITMO “MAJADERO” that Little Chimps Remix

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